OTOFIX D1 vs D1 Lite vs D1 Pro vs D1 Plus vs D1 Max

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OTOFIX D1 Bi-directional Diagnostic Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool Professional Vehicle Diagnostic Machine ECU Remapping, DPF Regeneration, EPB Reset

2Years Free Update EU Ship OTOFIX D1 Bi-directional Diagnostic Scanner Car Diagnostic Tool Professional Vehicle Diagnostic Machine ECU Remapping, DPF Regeneration, EPB Reset

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OTOFIX D1 is a car diagnostic tool which can read and clear diagnostic fault codes(DTCs), show live data stream of multiple sensors and perform active tests and OE-level diagnosis on many various systems. Combined with the OTOFIX cloud service, it provides you with one-stop solution from diagnosis to fix.
Part I: OTOFIX D1 vs D1 Lite vs D1 Pro vs D1 Plus vs D1 Max
Model D1 Lite D1 D1 Pro D1 Plus D1 Max
CPU Rockchip PX30 Rockchip PX30 Qualcomm 660 Qualcomm 6225 Qualcomm6225
ROM 64GB 64GB 128GB 128GB 128GB
Battery Capacity 5800mAh 5800mAh 15000mAh 7250mAh 7250mAh
Android Version Android 9.0 Android 9.0 Android 10.0 Android 11.0 Android 11.0
Screen Size 7 inch 7 inch 10.1 inch 10.4 inch 10.4 inch
Screen Resolution 1280*800 1280*800 1920*1200 2000*1200 2000*1200
Camera Front:/
VCI V1(Bluetooth) V1(Bluetooth) V1(Bluetooth) V1(Bluetooth) V1(Bluetooth)
Basic Function(Read/Erase Code,View Data)
Reset Service
Special Function /
Bi-Directional Control(Active Test) /
ECU Programming
Benz Online Programming / / / / /
BMW Online Programming / / / / /
Ford Offline Programming / / / / /
Mazda Offline Programming / / / / /
Land Rover Offline Programming /
Jaguar Offline Programming /
ECU Coding
Benz Online Coding / / / / /
BMW Online Coding / / / /
Audi Online Coding / √(Post-Subscription Support) / / /
Porsche Online Coding / / / /
VW Online Coding / √(Post-Subscription Support)
Nissan Online Coding / / / /
Nissan-GRT Online Coding / / / /
Infiniti Online Coding / / / /
Hyundai Online Coding / / / /
Brush Hidden
BMW Brush Hidden / / / /
VW,Audi,Skoda Brush Hidden / √(Post-Subscription Support)
Other Function
McLaren,Tesla diagnostics / / / / /
Scan VIN/License
Auto VIN
Wi-fi Print / /
Extensive Function
Oscilloscope Function(with MP408) / / / / /
Endoscope Function(with MV105/MV108) / /
Battery Test
Remote Master / /
Report to Autel cloud
Repair Data / / / / /
Device Language
Language Multi-Language Multi-Language Multi-Language Multi-Language Multi-Language

Part II: Autel MK808BT vs OTOFIX D1 vs D1 Lite
Item Autel MK808BT OTOFIX D1 OTOFIX  D1 Lite
Release Time 2018 2021 2021
Display 7inch, 1024*600 7inch, 1280*800 7inch, 1280*800
Battery 5000mAh 5800mAh 5800mAh
Memory 1G+64G 2G+64G 2G+64G
System Android 4.4.4 Android 9.0 Android 9.0
VCI MaxiVCI Mini V1 V1
VCI Protocol KWP, CAN, CAN-FD (need optional adapter) KWP, CAN, CAN-FD, Doip KWP, CAN, CAN-FD, Doip
Read & Clear Codes
Live Data
Special Functions × ×
Action Test × ×
Online Programming × × ×
Online Coding × VW, Audi(optional subscription) ×
Offline Programming × Land Rover, Jaguar, Opel, Vauxhall ×
Offline Coding × Subaru, Land Rover, Jaguar, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, VW, VW Brazil, Audi, Skoda,
VW CV, Bently, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Man LD, Seat, LT3, Opel, Vauxhall, Mitsubishi, Porsche
Hidden Features × VW, Audi(optional subscription) ×
Guidance × VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat ×
Remote Expert ×
Battery test ×
Auto VIN Auto detect, manual input Auto detect, manual input, Scan VIN/License Auto detect, manual input, scan VIN/License
Supported Coverage 1996-2021 1996-2020 1996-2020
Language Muti-language Muti-language Muti-language


OTOFIX D1 Lite < Autel MK808BT < OTOFIX D1

– D1 Lite is the cheapest.

– MK808BT is mid-price.

– D1 is expensive than others.

Autel MK808BT < OTOFIX D1 = OTOFIX D1 Lite

– MK808BT was released earlier than OTOFIX, so it’s equipped with lower hardware configuration.

– OTOFIX D1/ D1 Lite are featured with higher screen resolution, battery, memory and system than MK808BT.

– V1 VCI supports doip protocol while MaxiVCI Mini does not.

– MK808BT needs additional adapter for CAN-FD while D1 & D1 Lite are free supported.

Autel MK808BT < OTOFIX D1 Lite < OTOFIX D1

– OTOFIX D1 covers the most functions than others.

– Only OTOFIX D1 supports special functions, action test, online coding, offline coding, offline programming.

– OTOFIX D1/ D1 Lite support remote expert & battery test while MK808BT does not.

– OTOFIX D1/ D1 Lite have more auto VIN methods.

– MK808BT supports 2021 car models.


No matter Autel MK808BT or OTOFIX D1/ D1 Lite, all three are suitable for small repair shop and DIYers.

Among them, old brand Autel MK808BT has faster update frequency for latest models.